Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dedication of Our Miracle Babies

I was blessed last year to share in the bond of pregnancy with my two sisters - Keri, my big sister and Christina, my sister-in-law. We were all only a few months apart, with Keri being first, me second and Christina third. Keri and I were both having girls, and Christina was having a boy...her third!
Each baby in our family is a special miracle, but there was something amazing about the three born this year. A little background...

Christina is a breast cancer survivor. She underwent chemo, radiation and a double mastectomy after the birth of her first baby, at the age of 29. Her cancer was hormone-induced, so she was warned that getting pregnant again was pretty much out of the question. Her second son, Matteo was a divine "accident", and God blessed her with a healthy pregnancy. So when they wanted a third to complete their family they prayerfully considered it before stepping out in faith. Levi, her third is another amazing testimony of God's grace. Christina is healthy and thriving and completely cancer-free!

Keri started bleeding only a few months into her pregnancy, and found out that she had a large melon-sized hematoma in her uterus along with placenta accreta. She was told that if there were any complications with Hannah's birth, that she could bleed out on the table. As you can imagine, this was devastating news to our family. However, as I've witnessed countless times in my life, prayer and the grace of God can move even the biggest mountains. And move they did! A few months before Hannah came into this world Keri's hematoma had re-absorbed into her uterus and her placenta had moved enough to be considered within "normal range". Hannah was born several weeks early, and after a short stint in the NICU was cleared to go home.

While we were out in California in July we planned on dedicating all three miracle babies. What an awesome gift to be able to stand in front of the congregation as examples of God's amazing grace.
The three babies being dedicated

Our amazing pastor from Sierra Bible Church and the grandbabies (minus Levi who was asleep in his car seat)
Our sweet girl!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

OUR Aspen IN Aspen

We took a family trip to Aspen, Colorado at the end of September to see the beautiful fall colors, and to introduce our Aspen to the inspiration behind her name :) Here are a few of the photos we got of our sweet girl with her trees!

Have to give credit to our friend Melissa for making this adorable headband!

Mommy's sweetie!

So cute!

Daddy's girl!

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