Without humor, life stinks. 
Without courage, life is hard.
Without love, life is hopeless.
Without friends and family, life is impossible.

Thank you for visiting our family blog!  We hope that you enjoy the content and will continue to check back in for ongoing updates.

We encourage everyone to please sign our guestbook, as we will be sharing this blog with Aspen (as she continues to grow).
                                                                                        Matt & Amy


  1. Aspen, Amy, and Matthew you are all in our prayers. What a joy it is for us to follow along in your journey of raising precious Aspen!!!
    Blessings and hugs,
    Bob and Nellie Thomas

  2. Hi there!!!
    I loved catching up on sweet Aspen right now! Thanks so much for keeping me/us on your email list :) It would be SO great to try and connect some time this year, since we are back in Omaha. Amy, my # is 321-544-2821 - if you have a sec could you text or call me? I'd love to have your number and's been way too long and I'd love to meet Matt and, of course, Aspen! I miss you so much and pray for you often :)
    Catherine (Cilker) Dodd

  3. So excited you guys got this up and running. She is a precious little angel (even if Amy did ruin her hair--so kidding Amy!!) I need to get out and see her soon, will give Matt a call this weekend!! Will continue the prayers for you both and of course little Aspen.

  4. Hi Roberts family! Thanks for sharing this blog. It is so great to be able to keep updated. Claire sat in my lap as we went through the pictures and said "baby" every time she saw Aspen's adorable face. I told her that they will be friends someday. You are in our prayers, and we are so happy for all the positive progress and good news you have to share.

    Lauren, Matt and Claire Pourcho

  5. This is great, I am so excited I don't have to keep nagging Joshua asking for updates on y'all!!! I am so happy to hear that your precious angel is doing great, and so is mom and dad. Hope to see y'all soon!
    Ashley "Rodgers"

  6. Just came here from Sandy's blog and and I love it! Aspen is a beautiful name...and how fitting "Watching our Aspen Grow" I look forward to reading more about your story and watching Aspen grow!

  7. Matt and Amy,
    I am so happy to learn that Aspen's surgery was a success. I'm also pleased to see the photos of her the night before - those tubes do detract from her beauty!
    Keeping you in my prayers.

  8. This is fantastic - I realized today I hadn't emailed you lately. This way was perfect to catch up.