Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Aspen's First Haircut

Today, we decided to give Aspen her very first haircut. You're probably asking yourself why we would do such a thing. Well, we have a foreign exchange brother from Argentina where it’s a tradition to shave a baby’s head for the first few months of life (to help promote hair growth). So, we decided to give it a try!  

My First Haircut My First Haircut

As I finished buzzing the last section of her hair, I took the guard off and started to clean up. Mom then pointed out a spot I missed on the top of her head. I thought... no problem, picked up the clippers and began buzzing the area. However, I completely forgot that the guard wasn’t on, leaving her with a racing stripe on the top of her head! Matt flipped out, Mom was laughing hysterically and I was crying -- thinking I just ruined our daughter's hair. After a few minutes of panic and laughter, we decided it would be best not to leave her with a reverse Mohawk, so we shaved the rest to match. Good thing she looks adorable bald!


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