Friday, February 24, 2012

Development Update

Our First Steps developmental specialist came to visit Aspen today. After spending over an hour with her, she was raving about how well Aspen is progressing! She said her development is right on track with what a typical 3 month old baby should be doing.

She tracks objects, bats at her toys and passes them back and forth from one hand to another. She also smiles and coos and tries her hardest to talk to us! Everyone who's met her also comments on how alert she is and what great eye contact she has. We are so amazed at how well she is developing - all praise to our gracious God for all of His amazing blessings!


  1. So happy you have this! We think about you lots!!

  2. i love aspen's smiles and coos!! and she is great with her hands! now she's just gotta work on her tummy time!! :) austin had such a great time playing with aspen today, we'll have to do have another playdate soon! xo

  3. Your daughter is so precious! She is just a doll. And I love her name too!! (visiting your blog from Sandy a la Mode).

  4. Hello! I just found your blog through Sandy's blog. Your little girl is adorable! It is so great to hear she is doing so well. I know how it is to be working with a developmental therapist as my little guy (a NICU baby) sees one once a month. I hope you can check out my blog (still a little new and work in progress but I have some of our story on there with more to come.)