Friday, May 11, 2012

Surgery - Day 3 Progress

Good evening,

Quick update...

Aspen had a fantastic Day 3!  Her ventilaton tube, kidney tube, pacemaker wires, brain electrowave wires, two IVs and catheter were all officially removed.  She was also allowed to consume a few ounces of Pedialyte in order to replenish her vital minerals and nutrients.

She was quite alert for being so heavily sedated over the past couple of days! 

We continue to praise God for all of the wonderful love and support he has supplied us over the last few days.  This not only includes watching over little A, but also for everyone thinking and praying for us.  Thank you all!


  1. Sweet baby!! So glad that most of the wires are gone and that she is well on the road to recovery.

  2. Praise God! She is so precious and I am so happy that she is doing so well. Continued prayers for recovery are coming from the Pourchos! XO

  3. Matt & Amy,
    She looks great! We continue to pray for all of you. We're looking forward to when she can be back home again.
    Debbie & I are in Arkansas this weekend for our granddaughter's child dedication service. I'll check in on you when I get back.
    Pastor Dewey

  4. Praise God.............Aspen looks amazing. What a beauty like her Mom and Dad. Love you, Cathy