Thursday, August 2, 2012

Long overdue update!

Aspen has been doing so well! We went to the cardiologist the day before we left on our big trip to California and everything looks good. They still hear a slight murmur (small leakage) in her lower chamber, which is supposedly pretty common post-op. They are hoping it will close on its own over time, but they'll keep an eye on it - nothing she'll need another surgery for though, praise God! We have another appointment in several months to continue to monitor her progress. I am continually amazed at her strength and healing, and most of all the grace of God!

We took our first trip with Aspen out to California to spend time with my family and to introduce Aspen to her cousins and aunts/uncles she wasn't able to meet. Apparently we booked the trip at the right time, avoiding some of the horribly hot 100 plus degree days we've had here in KC. Yuck!

We've included pictures below that capture some highlights of our trip.

My sister-in-law organized a family photo shoot for all of us and our respective families.
Our family
Our sweet girl
Aspen & Daddy
Aspen with her Aunt Jo
Some cute photos Nini captured

Happy girl!

Oh, the life!


  1. Darling photos! We were sorry to miss you guys in July, but are glad you had a great time in CA! She's beautiful! Love, H & W

  2. soo awesome that you guys got to take aspen on a trip!! i am nervous and excited to take austin to california!! when is the next playdate??!