Friday, June 7, 2013

Heart Update

Aspen had her 6 month cardiology check-up today. This was a big one as she'd be getting an EKG and an ECHO which would tell us if any leakage after the surgery had improved or worsened. I was nervous about the results, as she's been really tired the last few days. My worry probably stemmed from a Dateline episode Matt and I had watched a few days earlier about a family whose 5 children all have cardiomyopathy. Two of their children have already received heart transplants, and another, at the age of three, already has a pacemaker. It's an amazing story about their trials and tribulations, and ultimately, God's grace. Here's a link to their story, if you'd like to watch it (I warn you, you will need lots of tissues!):

So, needless to say, there was a twinge of fear in my heart as to the outcome of the tests. But PRAISE GOD the results were more than we could have asked for. The patch, which was placed to separate the chambers of her heart, and that had mild leaking after her surgery was completely leak-free! And the valves that allow blood to move through the chambers of the heart now showed mild leaking, as opposed to the moderate leaking they showed after her surgery. All I can say is God is so good, and His grace is endless! Amazing! :)

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