Thursday, April 19, 2012


I received a phone call from my mom about a month and a half ago telling me that there was concern about the health of my niece, Hannah. She's the third baby of my sister, Keri and her husband Chris, and she's only a month and a half older than Aspen. Their pediatrician had noticed some spots on Hannah's skull that had him a bit concerned. So he referred them to a craniofacial specialist. Their pediatrician explained that the best case scenario would be that Hannah would have to wear a helmet. Worst case could involve surgery. This was terrifying to our family! So we did all we could do...we prayed.

They were finally able to get in to see the specialist today, and praise God for answered prayer, the doctor told them that Hannah was completely fine and to take her home and enjoy her. Wow!! What an amazing God we serve!

Our adorable niece, Hannah

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