Monday, April 16, 2012

New wardrobe!

Having sisters with kids is wonderful in so many ways. They're always there for me when I have questions or need guidance. In fact, I even gone as far as to text them a picture of her poop to make sure it looked "normal"...don't you wish you were on the receiving end of that one!

From a financial perspective, having a sister who has two little girls is awesome because every time they outgrow their clothes, Aspen inherits them. She practically gets a new wardrobe in the mail every few months! Here's what arrived in the mail today:


  1. that is sooo awesome to get hand me downs monthly!! so lucky!

  2. Wonderful! My sister and I had girls six weeks apart and my daughter was tiny when she was born, so they were about the same size all the hand me downs. :( but when we needed a toddler wardrobe change we were set!